Our Cruise Planner will :

  • Complete On Line Registration/Check In after Final Payment is Made
  • Book Excursions in advance of sailing to ensure availability
  • Make reservations up to 90 days prior to sailing at your favorite specialty restaurants.
  • Make all show reservations if needed.

Once you have your cruise Paid In Full, you can utilize our Cruise Planner!

Planner Prices :

Client is responsible for supplying all info needed for online check in at least 90 days prior including full names, birthdates, passport numbers, expirations and place of issuance, place of birth, previous cruise info (# of cruises, what lines), emergency contact info.

For excursions, client should indicate activity level preferred (strenuous, easy, etc) and interests (history/tours, water activities, etc)

For specialty dining, client must supply preferred dining times and any known food allergies.

Please contact :
Call (856)256-9431

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